François R. Cambuzat founded Ifriqiyya Electrique, the Trans-Aeolian Transmission, Putan Club,
L' Enfance Rouge,  il Gran Teatro Amaro, la République du Sauvage, The Kim Squad &

Machine Rouge/Krasnaya Mashina and released about 22 albums and performed over

5000 concerts all over the planet.

First of all bass player then saxophonist (resident in Bedford Stuyvesant, at seventeen he played

with Dizzy Gillespie at the New York ‘s Blue Note), his life was then saved from the American poverty by 

rock 'n' roll with interviewing Iggy Pop and so becoming independent journalist for diverse internationals medias, getting then enough money allowing him to fuck away from the States.

Of short return in France, he kept on avoiding it. François R. moved to London, then in Rome where he created the band The KIM SQUAD who signed for Virgin Italy, real good selling and realizing endless international tours.

Three days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he moved there and founded Il GRAN TEATRO AMARO, a totally acoustic project declining contemporary classical music and anarco-punk savagery, by working with Luciano Berio and Mauricio Kagel (among others) with Emanuele Luzzatti's scenographies (original scenographer of Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat). Il Gran Teatro Amaro published three albums on the prestigious cutting edge label RecRec and was among others invited to the Documenta exhibition of modern and contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel ( D ). After the success of this project in the German-speaking space (with points of two hundred representations a year), tired to preach to the converts, François R. Cambuzat creates L’ENFANCE ROUGE (the red childhood) with the intent to cross rock music with certain revolutionary thoughts of the contemporary classical music (atonality, demolition, polyrythmy).

In 2008, François R. Cambuzat returns in France, in the Saint Jacques district of Perpignan. Completely integrated into the gypsy community, he gets lost in Flamenco with the maestro Alain Diaz.

François R. Cambuzat establishes then the PUTAN CLUB, a polymorph unit of artistic intervention developing an interaction between music, poetry and graphic arts, a powerful project regularly performing over 200 concerts every year all over the world.

In 2013 François R. Cambuzat created the TRANS-AEOLIAN TRANSMISSION, an iconoclastic core of wildly ethnomusicological explorations around the music of elevation: traveling to the most distant untouchable countries, researching and composing with incredible local musicians, filming and recording projects combining Road-Movie & Concert. "Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram" is thus carried out in Xinjiang (PRC) with Uyghur shamans and dolans in the Taklamakan desert and on the Karakoram. Over the years, many restitutions will take place all over the world (Musée des Confluences de Lyon, FMM Sines, Offest, Musée d'ethnographie de Genève, Théâtre Anthéa Antibes ...). François R. Cambuzat will be nicknamed "the Jean Rouch of rock'n'roll".

In 2014, the actor Denis Lavant and François R. Cambuzat launche their MACHINE ROUGE (Red Machine), a literary and wild trance made by misappropriations of poetry and musical techniques of ecstasy and elevation.

In 2015/2016,  François R. Cambuzat spent more than two years in the Tunisian Sahara for a creation with the adorcist ritual of Sidi Marzûg. This Concert + Film is the second achievement of the Trans-Aeolian Transmission. With an international success, this realization becomes a musical group, IFRIQIYYA ELECTRIQUE and "Rûwâhîne", the first album  is published by Glitterbeat Records. In July 2017, the album is at the 4th place in the Transglobal World Music Chart (USA) and 6th place in the World Music Charts Europe.  Ifriqiyya Electrique is invited by prestigious festivals such as Sziget (H), Les Vieilles Charrues (F), Womad (UK), Roskilde (DK), FMM Sines (PT), Womex 17 (PL) ... The second album "Laylet el Booree" is released by Glitterbeat Records in April 2019 and immediately ranked "album of the year" by several medias.

In June 2016 he published the first video of the forthcoming project RUUHAANIIA with the most famous classical singer of the Arab world, Lotfi Bouchnak, an elevation between doua' (sacred invocations) and a certain neo-metal post-industrial. The video triggers the ire of Muslim fundamentalists around the world and totals more than 900,000 views on the internet in just nine hours.

In 2017, François R. Cambuzat resides in Dersim (Turkish Kurdistan) for research on Alevism. This will be the 3rd research / film / concert of his TRANS-AEOLIAN TRANSMISSION, the editing of which is concluded in 2019.

Laureate of the Villa Saint-Louis Ndar, in 2020/21 he spent months in Senegal in research / compositions / recordings around the Adorcist ritual of N'döep lébou.

Trans-Aeolian Transmission, Putan Club, Ifriqiyya Electrique and Machine Rouge are his creations which regularly tour every year around the world. Throughout the tours, François R. Cambuzat is also the instigator of the GRAND ORCHESTRE DU DESASTRE, an ensemble / workshop of com-provided music with musicians and non-musicians of all ages and backgrounds.

François R. Cambuzat has published 22 record albums and has performed more than 5,000 concerts worldwide.

He moved and lived in Paris, New York, London, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Tunis, Saint-Louis du Sénégal...

François R. Cambuzat works and created at present diverse projects with Lotfi Bouchnak ( TN), Lydia Lunch (USA), Eugene S . Robinson (USA) and Denis Lavant ( F ). He is laureate of Villa Ndar.

François R. Cambuzat is the Art Director of the Festival Trasporti Marittimi.


The Kim Squad “Young bastards”,Virgin Italy, 1987

François R. Cambuzat “Notre-Dame des Naufragés”, Virgin Italy, Stile Libero, 1988

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L’ Enfance Rouge “Davos-Leros”, Audioglobe Firenze (I), 2000

L’ Enfance Rouge “Rostock-Namur”, Audioglobe Firenze-L’Enfance Rouge (I) , 2002

L’ Enfance Rouge "Krško-Valencia", Wallace Records (I), 2005

L’ Enfance Rouge "Krško-Valencia" (+ inédits), T-Records, France, 2006

La République du Sauvage "Constitution",, Irfan (F) + Wallace Records (I), 2007

L’ Enfance Rouge "Trapani-Halq al Waady", T-Records (F) + Wallace Records (I), 2008

L’ Enfance Rouge "Bar-Bari", Les Disques de Plomb (F) + T-Rec (F) + Wallace Records (I) + Musica per Organi Caldi (I), 2011

Le Grand Orchestre du Désastre "setlasevir", Great Arabian Recordings, 2011

L’ Enfance Rouge + Eugene S. Robinson "The First Will & Testament", Un Jour Peut Etre, 2013

Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club "Don’t pressure the man with the knife", Un Jour Peut Etre, 2013

Ifriqiyya Electrique "Rûwâhîne", Glitterbeat Records, 2017

Putan Club "Filles de Mai", Toten Schwan, 2017

Ifriqiyya Electrique "Laylet el Booree", Glitterbeat Records, 2019

Ndox Electrique "Tëdd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang", Bongo Joe Records, 2023

+ 53 diverses compilations


Trans-Aeolian Transmission "Xinjiang, Taklamakan & Karakoram", shamanism & Dolans in the Uighur country (RPC),  2015

Trans-Aeolian Transmission "Ifriqiyya Electrique", adorcist ritual of  Sidi Marzug, Djerid desert (TN), 2016

Trans-Aeolian Transmission  "Alevilik Aşkına", modernity of Alevism, Kurdistan (TR), 2018
Trans-Aeolian Transmission "Ndox Electrique",  n'döep ritual, Senegal, 2020
Trans-Aeolian Transmission "Kabar Nwar", using the servis (kabaré, malbar,...), La Réunion, 2022


Ifriqiyya Electrique

Machine Rouge (with Denis Lavant)
Putan Club
Trans-Aeolian Transmission

Ruuhaaniia (with Lotfi Bouchnak)

Trasporti Marittimi

Grand Orchestre du Désastre

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Machine Rouge (with Denis Lavant)
Ifriqiyya Electrique
Ruuhaaniia (with Lotfi Bouchnak)
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Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club (with Lydia Lunch)

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